Friday, September 14, 2018

Update: A Refashion for Florida

Back in 2016 I had refashioned a dress to wear on a trip to Florida. It was a rushed refash and I wasn't completely happy with the results. I had always intended on fixing it, but time and other projects kept me busy. So, finally I got around to fixing my refash. I absolutely love the print on this dress so I was super excited to fix it!
You can see the original post Here
In my original post I had mentioned that I liked the collar on this dress popped up. But it had a hard time staying like that. I had an idea of adding small pieces of wire to stiffen up the collar.

I cut 2 small pieces of craft wire.

I opened up the front collar seam and inserted the wire and sewed it back up.

Originally, I had taken 5 inches off the length of the sleeves. Which was good until I put it on and realized the arm holes were all the way down my sides! Not vert modest! I closed up the arm holes and even took the sides of the bodice in by 1- 1/2 inches in places. Stitched that up and used pinking sheers to remove the excess material.

Also I had originally  took a large portion of the length of the dress off. Yet again I did not notice I did not take enough until it was too late. I cut off another 5 inches from the length and made a new hem.

I had a bottom seam of a purple t-shirt left over that was the perfect match. I used this to sew a faux "belt" around the waist. I say "belt" because it was only for decorative purposes and I fixed it to the dress with these perfectly matching buttons I picked up on clearance.



See the popped collar?!

It doesn't look like a HUGE transformation but I feel like it fits so much better! I am finally happy!

Happy Refashioning!!!
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I Can Work With That said...

I can see a difference in the fit and length. i like the added color of the belt too. That was a nice touch.

whatthesew said...

I really like the style of this dress. If your latest changes make the difference between wearing and not wearing it was worth it.