Friday, October 12, 2018

Back in Rotation

It's been a while and that's because some of my 'simple' projects are taking me a looooong time to finish.  Like this one - all I had to do was cover the school logo on this ex-school uniform skirt, alter the length of the stitched down pleats so the skirt was a bit roomier over the hips, and sew up the hem.  How easy is that?

I'm not putting a before photo as I don't want to identify the school, but I think you can all picture this skirt with those circles gone and a school logo where the light blue one was?  Right - so first I had this idea of a print fabric panel over that whole pleat with thread-painting over the top.  I interfaced it all down and started in with the free motion stitching on the machine - but it started to wrinkle up and looked awful.  Once I was about 1/2 finished stitching.  It took me an age to unpick all that stitching and then remove the interfacing glue (actually the glue is not all gone, but it's enough gone).

So Plan B is what you see - in progress with the logo covered and the new pleat stitching line marked in soap where it wanted to be:


Of course, then the interfacing I used to keep the circle fabrics stiff while sewing with my circular stitching foot wouldn't rip away from the stitches like it was supposed to (sigh!).  I got the owner of the skirt to unpick that as much as possible and it looks okay (if you don't get up real close).  She's usually in motion and likes it the way it is, and it should improve with future washes.

I'm happy if she's happy.  Happy sewing yourselves!


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I Can Work With That said...

What a smart idea, and it looks so cute. It looks more modern too. Nice one!