Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Save the Dress!

Time for Portia Lawrie’s  The Refashioners 2018 challenge! This year we had to find a look/garment we loved and produce a version of it, by refashioning unloved/unworn items. 
I came across this beauty from Save the Queen! I love the stark black/white/red colour combo, the sporty proportions, and the gorgeous playful penguin print.
So, off to the thrift store… I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the right print with enough fabric to make me a swingy shift dress shape – I was really hoping to find a maxi dress for extra yardage, but no luck.
Finally, I found a great dress with a strong graphic black/white print and it looked hardly worn. Also picked up a red shirt to cut the sleeves from. 
I made the sleeves from the red shirt sleeves and the bottom of a black dress I’d previously chopped into tunic length. The trim was thrifted by a friend and gifted to me a while ago.

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whatthesew said...

You've managed to get the look of the original perfectly and it appears extremely wearable. I am not loving the challenge this year but have followed it and your entry is one of the best yet.

fabrichoarder said...

Thank you for your kind words!

Chickie WU said...

I love how you put it all together, this is a great one.

fabrichoarder said...

Thank you, chickie!