'Around the World in 80 Dresses' Challenge

I don't know about you, but whenever the seasons change I find myself hunting for a new something to add to my wardrobe. Behind the scenes at Refashion Co-op, we've been scheming about ways to channel that urge towards refashioning and away from outright consumption ... and dreamt up a refashion challenge! Dresses make it super easy to feel put together, plus they offer endless opportunities to play up your personal style and make them your own. What better way to slip into a new season than with a new frock (or two), and what better way to welcome the month of May than with a dress-themed refashion challenge?

So. Here's how it works. Starting May 1st, we'll have a week of inspiring tutorials, projects, and dress refashion projects to get your creative juices flowing. Between now and May 21st, we welcome any and all contributors to strut their stuff! While this is going on, please feel free to post your non-dress-related refashions too! But if you have a dress or two sitting neglected in the refashion pile ... have a vintage tablecloth that would make a perfect summer dress ... have been hording a ginormous pair of wool pants with an eye towards turning it into a minidress ... bring 'em out and bring it on!

21 days ... 100 contributors ... 80 Dresses Around the World. Can this little blog hit 80 dresses between now and then? Let's see how far we get!

Ready ... set ... REFASHION!

To make it all a bit more fun we have decided to add a giveaway raffle to the challenge. You enter the raffle by gaining tickets. The more tickets you have the better is your chance of getting one of the wonderful prizes. After the 21st May we will begin the raffle and pick out some prizes.

You can get 1-3 tickets at a time for doing different things:
1 Ticket: Spreading the word - mention the challenge on twitter, facebook or your blog (and add a link back to this page)- just add a comment here on this page to get your ticket. 1 comment about how you spread the word = 1 ticket.
2 Tickets: Posting a dress refashion on the Refashion Co-op. Use the 'dresses' and the 'challenge' labels to enter the refashion. You can do as many refashions as you want but the final item must be a dress - how you get there is up to you.
3 Tickets: Post a dress tutorial and use the 'dresses' and 'tutorials' labels to enter.

So what can you win?

Our main prize is the new ReSew book generously pledged by author Jenny Wilding Cardon.The book contains a couple of ideas for dresses like the very summery dress below made from sheets. The book included not only fashion but also stylish stuff for the home like the rug made from old jeans and other great ideas. Loads of inspiration there. Jenny blogs on the Wildcards about her refashions/restylings, her family and life.

Let's have a look at the other prizes pledged so far:
  • Editor Debbie has promised put together a little stash package for one lucky person. We don't have a picture of this yet but hopefully we will soon. Debbie blog at Minnado’s house about sewing, other making, consumption and life in general.
  • Editor Erica is giving away a couple of lovely vintage sewing patterns (see photo). Erica blogs on Recycled Fashion and Recycled Sewing and if you need any advice on op-shopping/thrift shopping she even does tours in Melbourne.

  • Editor Eddie is giving away a piece of trim/tape with a handspun, crochet edge on linen and a bobbin lace flower brooch for you to use in your refashions if you wish. She has been making these for her Grey Duckling shop which will open hopefully this year. She blogs on "Eddie's", where she am still looking to find a better name.

  • Jamie from iMade is giving away 1 felted flower kit. If you win this you can choose between Teal Lotus, Pretty in Pink and Purple Daisy. Jamie has been crafting since she was a child and teaching others for nearly as long. Her website is www.iMadeCo.com and her blog is http://blog.iMadeCo.com.

Michelle is a mom and wedding photographer with an passion for crafting and repurposing. She blogs at under.grace and has some Pinterest boards too! She has generously donated this wonderful vintage 'sewing for toddlers' book for the prize draw.

We would also like to ask all of you if you are interested in adding a little giveaway to the prize draw. Do you have a couple of patterns you know you will never use. A scrap of fabric that is just not your colour. Embellishments that just don't suit your style. Or maybe something you make and would like to share around.
Why not pledge it as a prize and we will do a paragraph about you, your blog and your generous pledged prize.
Send Eddie and email asap (eddie at roued dot com) and tell her what you would like to pledge, with a photo and a little bit about yourself. We are an international blog so if you wish to pledge something please be prepared to ship it at your own cost to the winner who may be on the other side of the world. 


    Huli said...

    Yay this is very cool I love dresses & can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! I've posted my 1st dress & linked to the challenge on "Made with love by Hulibug" :) I will have a looksee through my stash & patterns before the end of the week to see what I can find to put towards a prize ;)

    Reverse Clothing said...

    Just posted about it in my blog: http://refashionco-op.blogspot.com/

    Reverse Clothing said...

    Oops wrong url: http://reverseclothing.blogspot.com/

    Reverse Clothing said...

    And just posted on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reverse-Clothing/152833674753380

    Anonymous said...

    Just tweeted this. Used #refashion.

    Anonymous said...

    And blogged it!


    Christiana said...

    Oooh, this looks amazing and I want to try it. I posted about the challenge on my blog here: http://themagicofseasonsandteatime.blogspot.com/2011/05/refashion-magic.html

    Do you have to be signed up to the site to join in the challenge?
    No matter, I'm going to sign up anyway!

    poet said...

    Mentioned it on my blog - http://seamstress-stories.blogspot.com/2011/05/im-poet-i-make-stuff.html and intend to make a dress for sure!

    Michelle Ross said...

    Tweeted about it @undergracephoto .Brainstorming on dresses!

    Mikinlee and Me said...

    Just shared this on my facebook!http://www.facebook.com/#!/jmaus88

    Mikinlee and Me said...

    I also blogged about it! http://mikinleeandme.blogspot.com/2011/05/around-world-in-80-dresses-refashion.html

    Crafty said...

    Blogged it, and am SO hoping to have my refashion done in time ... Times like this I wish I wasn't so Inexpert.

    Mammy Made said...

    Hi :) I've just blogged about this on my blog - http://mammymade.blogspot.com :)

    ablinat said...

    I just shared on my facebook page. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with


    Leah Graham said...

    I like to see different kind of dresses that women wear. I find them cute and elegant while wearing it.