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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

T-shirt skirts & a giveaway!!!

We used a free tutorial to make these cute skirts.  We started with XL t-shirts.
Where the sleeves were are now pockets!
My daughters were goofing around and I simply love all the photos from this refashion!  
Here is the link to the free tutorial we used from Melly Sews.
Also, we want to tell you that this refashion is part of a series we are hosting on our blog, Skirt Fixation.  There is a great big giveaway, and this is the last day to enter the giveaway!  Please come on over and check out more photos and enter the giveaway.

Bolero Sweater Into a Top

j I liked the color of the bolero sweater but now the style. I used my sloper pattern and cut if up  to make a  new top.  The back became the front and the ribbing is now at the neck area. The back is pieced together oddly (using the sleeves and the front of the bolero) but I can cover that with a jacket or sweater. I refashioned the skirt but did not take any before photos. It had a two inch fuchsia hem that I removed.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

"Embroidered Flowers and Lace" Top Refashion

Today's refashion started off like this:

I wasn't a fan of the elastic around the sleeves and hem.

I cut it off before doing anything.

Then I sewed the raw edges down to begin with the lace.

I cut my lace to add to the bottom hem and the sleeves!

Here's how it turned out!
See more here!

With Sew Much Love, Mary

The Crafty Disaster: A Fourth of July DIY, REFASHIONED

This was once a DIY tie dye project and I ended up refashioning it a year later. Its just in time for the Fourth of July! 

 Before & After:

For a how to and more photos check out:


SHIRT FIXES: from too snug to just perfect

I had a few nice shirts just hanging around in my closet, but I never wore them because they were a little too snug for my taste. I've never had too much success in the past, making a snug shirt a bit bigger, but I guess practice makes perfect, right?


With a ton of skirts in my closet, I need to focus on adding more shirts -- the cute, the casual, the funny, etc. With the three too-snug shirts, I experimented with three methods to make them a tad bigger.


For more pictures and details, please click here!


Jennifer Elliott