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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wool Sweater Remake

I'm new here. My name is Patti. I live in upstate New York near Lake Ontario. I teach elementary math, grades 1-5. I bought a 100% wool sweater at my very (3 blocks from my house) thrift store. It had a JCrew label, but the quality of the wool is not so great. It was XXlarge. I put it through the hot water wash cycle and dried it on high heat with the hopes that it would shrink to fit with a boiled wool look. It didn't come out so well, I decided to cut it apart and remake it into a more feminine shape. There was another major issue, the elbows were shot, and some moth holes appeared. I patched the elbows and darned the moth holes. I used lace to finish the neck line. I seriously love this sweater!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Paisley cord skirt to pants!

I scored these paisley corduroy pants at the Goodwill by the pound when I went to Alabama. These pants did not work for me- too big. I converted the pants to a skirt with pockets! Love pockets! Yeah!

The bonus is the skirt is really warm since it is corduroy! More information on this process here on my blog.


Refashioning for my baby boy

The best thing about having babies and sewing for them, is that any little piece is enough to make whatever we want to. I created this outfit for my little man refashioning a plain onesie, to which I sewn a green moster into, and using denim leftovers from a pair of jeans my sister cut into capris. 

you can read more about it HERE

A "fitting" refashion for the baby!

Don't you think it's "fitting" that I refashioned my maternity shirt into a cute little button up for the baby?

(That's not me in the before picture, but I forgot to take one!  And it looked just like that shirt anyway!)  Read about how I did this on our blog, Skirt Fixation!

Blue Dress Rescue

I have been looking for a holiday dress for my toddler that is blue. All I can ever find in her size are red, green or black. Every blue dress I find is much too large for her. This one is no exception. It will probably fit her in 5 years or so, but it was so cheap that I couldn't pass it up!

So shiny!
However, it did have some slight issues. There were supposed to be 3 flowers on the front, but there were only 2. And one of the ties was coming off. 

After taking one flower off to make the front of the dress symmetrical, the dress front looked...empty. So I decided to add some trim to liven it up!
Please ignore my VERY pale hand!
The new trim really helps tie in the purple highlights in the skirt now! And the dress is now ready and waiting for my daughter to grow into it.