Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Vintage scarf meets men's shirt

I love scarves and have a large collection from various sources but I bought this one for £1 specifically to use in a refashion.  Its the luxurious silkiness of the scarf fabric and the vibrancy of the designs which is so appealing.

Its the old Marks and Spencer St Michael brand , Satin Rayon, Made in Italy.  I would guess it was approx. 1975 vintage.
I also had this thin cotton shirt, approx. 1995 vintage, made in Macau, which had been hanging patiently and quietly in the other side of the wardrobe for at least 10 years.
I used a pattern to make a new top, using the scarf for the central panel and sleeves and the shirt for the other pieces.

The scarf even enjoyed a trip back home, to the rooftops of Milan cathedral.

More details and photos here

Button-Down Five; The Floral One

Hello Refashion Co-op. It's Chickie again. I had this pretty shirt with a great blue and white floral design. It is too big but that makes it great for a refashion project.

I cut off the collar and shoulders. I turned the edge under and stitched it closed. I threaded elastic through it to make a wide neckline.

I shortened the arms and attached elastic around the "waist" to bring it in a little and give it a more flattering fit.

It has a better fit now and is nice for the summer heat that is coming. 

If you want more details please go to I Can Work With That .

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Paisley Pleated 80's Dress Makeover

This is the original dress:

Baggy short sleeves to the elbow, baggy bodice area, shoulder pads, and an awkward mid-length skirt. Ok but the collar is amazing, right?!


What I did:
1. Cut and hemmed the sleeves to a sleeveless/cap sleeve (using this technique)
2. Cut and hemmed the skirt to just above the knee.
3. Tapered in the bodice for a better fit around the torso.
4. Removed the belt and added a thinner, sleeker one.

Here's the new dress:

Side by side:

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


How 'bout dem capri pants?

They were super tight so I cut some triangle inserts and added them to the inseam.

You can see more on my blog!


Monday, 2 May 2016

Sweater Dress De-shlumpified

This sweater dress was a nice L.L. Bean, made of 20% wool.  The color is also nice but the dress leaves a lot to be desired in the cut.  You can see how long it was.  The hem had been turned up twice and this picture shows it let out. The next picture shows the polo collar.
After taking in the sleeves and sides, I cut it off above the knee and used the cut-off section to create 4 triangles that I inserted over the legs to make the skirt wider.  My advice if you plan to do this, is to sew your triangles on so they hang a little below the bottom edge of the dress.  That way you have enough length in the middle of the triangle to be able to curve the hem which you need to do on a fuller skirt.  I then cut off the polo collar and used more of the extra fabric to make a sort of substitute- a piece of fabric that wraps like a shawl around the neckline.
I would wear this dress with a wide leather belt and knee-high boots, but I don't have them with me.  Thanks for looking.