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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Old Sweatshirt Re-fash and Phone Bling

I refashioned this brown sweatshirt a year ago when my daughter needed it for part of a costume. I removed the cuffs and hood and used the hood fabric to cover up the logo on the front. But we don't need that costume anymore. Time to refashion again.
The bottom piece makes a soft, comfy play skirt with a kangaroo pocket. I made a casing and put wide elastic through it.
The finished skirt
I hadn't intended to use the sleeves for anything, but after I cut the sweatshirt apart it looked sort of like a scarf. I trimmed the shoulder area to make a more consistent width, turned it inside out and sewed up the two large openings at the former neck area and the chest area. To make it more interesting, I tried my hand at applique.

I've never done applique before, and I made many mistakes, but that's ok. I learned a lot, and I will still wear this scarf on cold mornings while I take my kids to school. I have other winter scarves that are itchy; this one is soft.
The finished scarf
I did one more project-- this was super easy. I have a clear case on my phone. I cut a scrap of fabric to size and cut out holes for the camera, light and speaker. Now I can change my phone's look anytime I want.
fabric phone case

Woolen dress more useful

Wolly dress. I liked it for its warmth, but it had a strange design: When it is cold enough to wear wollen dresses, it is too cold for 3/4 sleeves (for me anyway).
And I needed to wear an undergarment, as the woll was slightly scratchy, but long sleeves didn't look good and T-shirts didn't cover enough.

I cut of the sleeves and the grey edges and hemmed all the raw edges. 

It is still and everyday dress, but much more versatile. Here I wear it with a short sleeve shirt. I can also wear a cardigan over it, I couldn't before.

And the sleeves? You guessed it: Legwarmers.

Bed Sheet Dress Fashion Shoot

Hi All! Here are a couple pics of my lovely friend modeling a dress I recently refashioned from a bed sheet. These pic were part of a photo shoot featuring a few of my dress creations ;) 
To look at more pics of beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses, see the full post at my blog Refashion Passion! 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Button Up Ruffle Down Refashion

Hi! I absolutely love remaking clothes and showing how to style the new creations into modern clothes. I always find button up shirts and am sometimes at a loss for cool things to turn them into. I can across a striped dress with a huge ruffle for the collar and then knew what I wanted to do to this shirt! 

I cut the sleeves off and used them to make a giant ruffle for the collar of this shirt.

I was a little concerned the ruffle might be too large but once it was paired with a cardigan, I was in love! You can check out my step by step process here .

Thanks in advance for any advice/ feedback!

Happy sewing!

Another t-shirt dress

Back when it was still hot outside, I made this t-shirt dress that I neglected to post. So here it is. I started with two-shirts - a lovely, well-fitting ladies shirt and a huge blue men's t-shirt.

I loved the ruched sleeves of the gray shirt, but the hole-y bottom hem had to go. I made a skirt out of the men's shirt by cutting it out like so.

I sewed it along the side seams into more of an a-line shape. I sewed it with right sides together until I got to about 3 inches from the top edge. Then I flipped it right-side out and sewed the rest of the seam with the wrong sides together. This made it so that I could fold down the top few inches and have a waist-band of sorts on the dress. I joined the skirt to the shirt like so.

And here is how it looks with the waistband folded down.

Pretty comfy. Thanks for reading.