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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ma robe "City"

J'avais envie de me faire cette robe depuis un petit bout de temps , voilà qui est fait ! et en plus elle m'a permis de recycler 3 vêtements !

Je suis assez contente de moi car j'ai tout cousu à la machine et non à la surjeteuse. Reste que le col n'est pas parfait et qu'il y a encore quelques progrès à faire .
Sinon vous en pensez quoi ? 
Et si vous voulez en voir plus c'est Ici 
A très bientôt , Elisa Elisa

Formal Dress To Pin-Up Shirt

My mom gave me this formal polyester size 8 Cache dress. It doesn't fit me and it isn't really my style so I decided to make it into a top.

Here it is in all it's glory! 
I cut it in half and took the sides in about an inch and then hemmed it up. Now it looks like this:

You can see pictures of the entire process and a better description on my blog post here.

I also have the exact same dress in red and I did the same thing with that dress but I made the top a little bit longer. I will post that tomorrow.

Sweater Vest

The original garment  looked like two pieces but was sadly only one. The neckline ended up with a makeup stain. Instead of trying too hard to get out the stain, I just removed the white 'shirt' (can you tell I didn't really care for the original piece?!) Now  I have a sweater vest that will be more versatile in my wardrobe. 
                                                   Before                                      After

Saturday, 31 January 2015

From Large Shirt To Small Dress!

Hi there! My name is Lolo and I just joined this awesome blog! I just started in the world of refashioning and I can't wait to do so many more. I have been keeping a blog about my DIY and crafting for a little over a year now. I have new special tab for refashions and you can see my blog here: The World of Glitter & Glue Guns. Now off to post my most recent refashion here for you all to see!

I got this 100% silk shirt in size large from the Goodwill. I knew I was pushing my sewing (non) expertise to the limits by doing my first refashion with silk but this piece was too good to pass up!

I just love this color!
You can't see very well in this image but it has a button down front that is really cute- also useful since I wouldn't need to add a zipper in the back.

I didn't have to do much to refashion this piece. I simply cut off the sleeves and brought the sides in a couple inches. I also used the necktie as a sash. You can see images of the changes I made and a better description at my blog here: The World of Glitter & Glue Guns.

Here is the after image:

A belt I had already also works in place of the sash!

Your own, personal style leather bag inspired by Burberry Prorsum

I felt in love with newest Burberry Prorsum leather bags , they look just lovely and ... easy to make;-)
I took little inspiration from fashion show and voila!

You can make your perfect bag ,  perfect for you !
On my blog you can see exactly  how to make it