Saturday, February 15, 2020

Refashion Runway Season 5: Small to Large

Sorry I couldn't model the main piece of this refashion but it was too teeny (that's the point, right?)

The coral polo shirt was way too small for me, I planned to use the material form the larger patterned shirt and the sequined skirt was too snug around the waist.
The Shirt:
I removed the collar, removed the bands around the sleeves and cut it straight up the middle.

I cut a large section from the patterned shirt and pinned it to the coral shirt. I used black bias tape in between the 2 layers for extra detail. This panel wasn't enough to make my shirt large enough so I repeated this process and added a panel to the back as well.
I was lucky enough to save the original neckline from the patterned shirt so I stitched that onto my new shirt to tie it all together.
The skirt:

My fun sequined skirt was just a tad bit snug in the waist but lucky for me it had an elastic waistband. I unpicked the top seam and added 2 inches to the original elastic.

Now for my favorite part: pockets! I used a piece of scrap fabric to make 2 squares. I unpicked the side seams of the skirt and stitched the pockets in.

I used 2 small scraps that were leftover from the patterned shirt and stitched them together to make a large piece, which I wore as a headband! (small to large)

Happy Refashioning!!!
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Monday, February 10, 2020

Refashion Runway, Michelle Paganini, Faux Fur

Hello, I am Michelle Paganini. 

Lucky me! I juried into Refashion Runway hosted by Beth Huntington a.k.a. "The Renegade Seamstress. It is an online 6 week challenge to refashion with the emphasis for each week selected in advance, much like Project Runway. There is winner each week, based on votes (like yours) 50%, and 50% judges choice.  You can vote for your favorites once a day, every day, Sat - Friday.
This weeks challenge is "Faux Fur"
I had never worked with faux fur before, so felt a bit intimidated. I selected a faux lambs wool coat to transform. It is very well made and was a steal for $35 at in Los Gatos, CA where I volunteer.

Vests are also more wearable  in our temperate northern California climate, so a vest transformation was my plan.

The before pictures were taken in bright sunlight, which makes the "fur" look a completely different color than the after shots. My photographer (husband George) advised open shade for the remainder of photos, right as always - thanks honey.  

The coat is a classic shape, with nice in-seam pockets. Liking the simplicity of the cut I decided to maintain the basic silhouette.  
I removed the sleeves, removed the shoulder padding, detached the armhole lining, and sculpted out vest shaped armholes.  I also tightened the armhole by taking in the side seam and shoulder seams a bit.
After turning under the raw fur edges and stitching them in place by hand I tackled the lining.  In order to curve the lining shy of the armhole opening I clipped it all the way around, turned it under, and hand stitched it in place.

I considered adding embellishments. Tassels would have been fun but limited the wearing options (for me).  I found ribbon that was a perfect match but looked awkward sitting on top of the textured fur.
I opted for straight up simple and classic. I'm loving the result.  It is a very wearable vest, much more so than the jacket.  Paired with a thrifted linen blouse, thrifted jeans, and gifted earrings it looks great.

I wore my vest over to to the Happy Dragon to show the ladies the transformation (which they loved) and ran into my doppleganger!  Marley is an adorable 5 year old Labradoodle from Scotts Valley, CA.  His human graciously agreed he could appear here for your viewing pleasure. 
I hope you love the results too and vote for me here. 

What's coming in the next weeks? If I stay in the contest then... 4) Small to Large, 5) Southwest, and 6) Kentucky Derby Hats.

Previous weeks:
We started two weeks ago with 15 contestants.  

In challenge #1, "statement sleeves", I tied for 3rd!  See full details on my sleeve refashion entry on this blog post, and all the contestant entries here.
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P.S.  Find out more about Michelle and shop Paganoonoo upcycle sewing tutorials at 

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Refashion Runway Season 5: Faux Fur

My thought on faux fur is a little bit goes a long way. This is why I decided against making a full faux fur dress hahaha! Anyway, scrolling through Pinterest I saw a jean jacket with faux fur accents (which I fell in love with), which was the basis of my inspiration for this challenge.
I started with a jean dress that I outgrew and a faux fur stole I scored at the Salvation Army.

This time I am going to start with the accessory: Shoes!
I recently thrifted these babies! I actually really liked the mirror heel, but alas it was time for them to go!

From the fur stole, I cut a small square and hot glued it securely around the heel.

So furry! I love it!
The Dress:
I cut the dress in half so that I would have enough material to make the bottom into a skirt and the top portion into a cropped jacket.

I folded over the top of the skirt portion and sewed all along the top until the last 1 inch. I left that open so I could thread the elastic for the waist band.

Threading the elastic.

I stitched up the elastic, overlapping by 2 inches.

\The Cropped Jacket:

I folded up the bottom of the jacket.

I wanted to line the bottom with the faux fur from the stole. I cut a long strip of fur.

I stitched the fur around the hem of the cropped jacket.

I traced the collar of the jacket and cut out a fur piece. Then stitched the fur onto the collar.

I repeated the same tracing and stitched process for the cuffs. I left the ends unstitched so that I could still button the sleeves but the buttons would be unseen.

The Shirt:
Obviously, I need a shirt now that my jean dress is now in 2 pieces. I had this old black turtleneck that was in need of some help.

I removed the sleeves and unpicked the seam from 1 side of the turtleneck so that it would lay open.

The sleeves holes got a new hem. (I'm a rebel, I freehanded this!)

Once the sleeves and neck got stitched up, it was time to put this faux fur outfit together!

A close-up!

Faux Fur meets Real Fur!

My baby Ian was so sweet to help me with my pictures! Such a good boy!

Glamour shot of my furry heels!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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