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Monday, 1 September 2014

Fit to be tied tank top

This refashion was based on the book Custom Couture, which I got sometime last year. I had fallen for this top idea. After picking out an old tank top and a scrap of fabric, I realized something got lost in translation with the instructions and I had to wing it on my own. Basically you create  a tube, sew it on, add elastic to the bottom. Add a bow.

I just need to pair it with another pair of shorts. The red is not working for me. More info on my blog here!


Maxi Skirt into 50s Skirt

I bought this skirt from eBay for a bargain price; the fabric really caught my eye! Whilst I think it's quite nice in it's original format, maxi skirts aren't really my style so I wanted to make it into something a bit more retro.

The skirt was quite large, so there was a lot of fabric here for me to work with, I chopped off the top, gathered the raw hem and attached it to an elastic band.

Here is the before and after photo:

The skirt came with a fabric belt which I have decided to use as a scarf to add to the retro effect, and I will wear the skirt over a petticoat to give it fullness.

The full tutorial can be found here.

Pyjama Set

maxi dress
I had a dress which I made into a blouse (but it only matched beige or brown) and the rest into an elastic skirt which was too thin material for my liking, I like tailoring. Just a couple of snips and some sewing, but... the needle kept sticking in the machine so I had to take the bobbin metal bits out to rescue the needle whilst twisting the lever - not sure what was going on there but it took longer than I'd expected! I made it into this. These were my first ever shorts that werent trousers to begin with :p I want more pj lounge outfits now, only from frumpy clothes though!  http://flashsparkle.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/henley-80s.html

Big skirt to smaller skirt refashion

Last winter I found a hand made couple skirts at my favorite thrift store. One was a plum color and the other was charcoal. And both were HUGE.

I neglected to take pics of the charcoal one before I cut into it, so just imagine that this purple one is charcoal, since both skirts were identical except for color.

I could fit in here twice!

Using a skirt I own as a template, I turned the charcoal skirt into 2 fitted skirts, one pencil skirt length and one shorter.

Pencil Skirt Length

Mid-Calf Length

There were plenty of scrap left, so I used some to replace the holey toes on a thrifted pair of PJs for my daughter.

New feet!

Dress to Tunic

My sister gave me this dress. I rarely wear dresses, so I re-made it into a top.

First, I removed the sleeves and hemmed the armholes. Then I shortened it by 8.5 inches.

The result is a long top, or tunic. I am tall, and finding long shirts is often problematic for me. This easy refashion will get lots of wear from me, probably as a layering piece like in the picture.