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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Purse to Wristlet

Hey everyone! I've got another simple refashion to show you today. A few years back my Mom gave me this here wallet purse. It's my absolute favorite. It fits all of my "junk" in such an organized fashion and comes with removable/adjustable straps so you can wear it as a purse. I just love it so! It usually stays in my diaper bag, but on the rare occasion when I get to travel light, I just take my nifty purse!

Unfortunately, most every time I tried to use it in this way, the silly hooks that hold the straps on would come loose!!!  So to save my favorite wallet (and my sanity) I decided to improve on it's design!

My first step was to trim the purse strap to wristlet length. By doing this, I also removed those pesky clips.

In this picture I am checking the length prior to sewing.

I used my rock-solid Rocketeer to sew this. She is a lot more forgiving when sewing thicker items.

I had to sew the straps sideways to get traction from both feed dogs.

I sewed MANY stitches back and forth to make sure the straps could withstand the weight of the wallet. I also singed the edges of the straps with a lighter to make sure they wouldn't fray over time.

And there you have it! This wristlet wallet is now completely functional! Thanks Mom, and thank you all for reading.

Short-sleeved to sleeveless hoodie

This shirt was super-cute with its pattern of adorable cartoon sea creatures, but not at all practical. It was a weird terrycloth short-sleeved hoodie that would be way too warm to wear in hot weather, but not warm enough to wear in cold weather. So I took off the sleeves to make it a little more heat friendly and layerable.



I still haven't learned the art of taking helpful pictures of my work, but you can find the whole story of this refashion at my blog, The Unfashionista!

Belt Transplants

I'm all about thrift store scored belts; particularly the waist cinching, stretch belts with old timey retro buckles.
Here are some mind-numbingly simple "rafashions" of belts. Belts that will match some refashioned outfits, I'm sure.
outdated black belt + oversized blue bird  buckle
That's a dress right off the rack at Goodwill, no refashioning necessary! I just put the bird buckle on the black elastic.
I've got two more belts to show you. There over here. On my blog, Craft, Thrift, or Die.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wee Willy Winky Dress: REHASHED

Hello refashionistas! When I found this sleepy dress in a thrift store, I knew it could be turned into something amazing! Just look at that lace and embroidery detail, and the light gauzy fabric was perfect for Summer!

For details on this and other vintage refashions, visit my blog at,  or for the most current updates follow me on Instagram @lovestreetsalvage.


Make Kids Clothes Last Longer - A Refashion

My kid has a lot of clothes but she grows out of them so fast that they barely get worn. This makes me sad when I love an outfit she can no longer fit into. So I had an idea. Maybe I can refashion some of these things and make them last longer! I love NOT spending money on new kid clothes and I love refashioning so it seems like the perfect solution. We will start with this cute little number:

I love rompers!
I love this little romper and she only wore it about 3 times before she got too tall for it. So I decided it would make a great summer top! I started by cutting off the bottom where the leg holes and the crotch snaps are:

 Then I used pins to fold over the bottom to make a new hem:

Then I sewed that new hem down and ironed it when I was done:

It took me less than 10 minutes total to refashion this romper into a super cute summer top. Now we will get more use out of it!

Before and after!
I have many more kids clothes refashions coming soon! Check my blog here for this post and upcoming kids refashions!