Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hack Job

I should change my username to 'The Laziest Seamstress in All of History'.

Buuuttt, I'd like to show you this little project to remind you that sometimes, 'laziness' can be good in refashioning! ;)

Got this cute shirt from my favorite Flagstaff Goodwill! Problem: The sleeves were weird. They just didn't 'feel' right, since the garment was a light, summery linen. 

Look at the cute little neon pink designs!!
So I thought "Okay, I'll cut off the sleeves and make some binding tape for the edges out of the sleeves! Do not be lazy! You're never going to improve if you don't try!" ...And then this project was summarily ignored for 3 weeks. And I have a hard-and-fast rule in my sewing room that says 'no starting new projects if you have one already in the works'.

So I looked at the shirt some more, and realized I could do some more (very close careful) cutting along the seams and end up with 'spaghetti straps'! I wasn't sure how it would look, but I took a deep breath and tried it anyway...

...And it turned out great! It now feels much more summer appropriate and looks nicer too! 

The back. You can't even tell all I did was chop out the sleeves.

So there you go! Laziness: justified. Yesssssssss.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend!


Friday, 22 July 2016

Dad's Clothes Become Son's Clothes

 A good friend of mine had a his first child a year ago.  He works in wardrobe, so he always gives me cool clothes and materials to work with.  I wanted to make him something nice for his son's first birthday.

I decided to create it out of his old clothes.
I forgot to take a pic before I cut into it, but I took one of his old western style shirts ...

And one of his old black t-shirts (size mens large).

I took the western shirt and turned it into pants and the t-shirt I sized way down using all the existing hem lines from the sleeves and the bottom.  I also cut out the original neck line and sized it down and re-attached it to the shirt.  I added a little bleach design of a body boarder to the front because he is a great body boarder and I know he wants his son to follow in his footsteps.  I'm pretty sure this will be his first body boarder shirt, since they don't make them this small. :)
I sized the mens clothes down to fit an 18mth size.

I thought the pockets would look super cute on his bum. :)

To see more details on the refashion and the bleaching technique please visit my blog.

Hand-stitch on the blue shirt

Hi, this is Leaf, very glad join Refashion Co-op family, hope you guys like my posts here. I am a big fan of all kind of crafts,  and an artist in painting &  fashion design, recreate fashion is always my favorite thing! Please check my first post, I hope you like it.
The blue linen shirt has many things I like in a shirt, it has good length, right color, and it is Linen,  good material! The only problem was too flat and boring.

Hand stitch could be a easy way to add some texture and color to it, but will still keep it is simple style. I found white cotton thread is a natural match to the linen shirt.

Some simple hand-stitch techniques are easy to learn, I never done this kind stitches before, but I am not afraid to try, by checked Pinterest and follow step by step, I found it is actually pretty easy to do.
I made several vertical hand-stitches on the front of the shirt, you know it is always good idea to add vertical lines to your shirt, they would make the look slim, especially on light colored clothes like this one.


I also did some simple stitches to the collar, you can see it is just some straight stitches,  but it can add different texture to the shirt. I did as well as on the edges of short sleeves, so sleeves will match the rest parts of textures
Please check the Before & after Pictures again here, see how to use simple stitches to make a difference. Please feel free to let me know what you think, thanks.

Hello, introduction, and refashion!

Hello world!

My name is Hillary! I currently live in Northern Virginia (the once place I promised I'd never live) with my wonderful husband, rescue greyhound and sassy cat. I work as a graphic designer for a college by day, refashioner by night (err.. eveningish, before bedtime.) I was first introduced to the wonderful, exciting and fulfilling life of a refashioner about 2 years ago and have been all in since. I've been on this "no new clothes" kick for almost two years now (minus undies - those are definitely new) (although I plan on making my own soon) and I'm pretty much addicted to the thrift store game. I am a self-taught seamstress and I'm far from perfect.

I have this refashion blog, ReCreatables.comIt's like this great diary of my learning process, some of them are awful and my pictures are awful and my writing is so goofy but I want to keep them all up there for those many times people tell me "I can't sew". I feel like every sewing blog out there is perfect, flawless, the stitches are great, only the good sides are shown, and I'm reminded about my need for instant gratification which leads to poor decisions and bad stitches. Blah. But you know what? I have fun, and I keep sewing and getting a little better, and it feels great to finish something. I want other people to have that experience in place of the mental "I can't sew" block. 

ANYWAYS, enough of that. Here's one of my favorite recent refashions: 

I had the top half of a dress left over from a previous refashion, as well as this sparkly nude/pink dress thing which I thought went well with the green.

This is pretty straight forward (I'm sure there's a diagonal joke somewhere in there) I basically measured where the diagonal would look best on my body, pinned some marks, then cut. I cut a rectangle tube out of the dress skirt, and attached right sides, raw edges together.

When I tested it out and put it on, The corner of the diagonal was a little funky looking. To fix this, I pinched, pinned, sewed, and disguised with a bow (seriously the fix to all the world's problems)

I also really like to promote sewing in PJs, this should be a thing :-) To check out a more in-depth tutorial and how I did the bow thing, please visit my blog righttttt here!

I hope you liked it, I look forward to doing many many more for you guys!! (let's be internet friends!)

Always sew in PJs, (I've just decided this is my new closing line now)

Going Tribal

When I saw its brightly colored tribal print on the racks at the thrift shop, I knew this maxi dress had to come home with me. Unfortunately, the torso was a bit too tight, and I wasn't keen on the peekaboo waistline or the side slits either. And of course, as I've mentioned before, I just never wear maxi dresses. But, having fallen madly in love with my last dress refashion, I immediately knew I wanted another one like it.

Tribal Dress Refashion - BeforeTribal Dress Refashion - Before

I mostly used the skirt to make my new dress, but also cut strips from the torso to create the arm and neckbands.

Tribal Dress Refashion - After

An elastic waistband gave it a little more shape, and now I've got another easy, breezy, comfy dress to make this summer heat somewhat more bearable.

Tribal Dress Refashion - AfterTribal Dress Refashion - After

As always, you can find more details and photos at CarissaKnits!

Tribal Dress Refashion - Before & After