Wednesday, May 24, 2017

how to change men's shirt 👨 into 👉 👩 ladie's one


Do you dream about having shirts 👘 or maybe more  shirts 👕👘 But you just can't find even one perfect shirt 😸. Visit my tutorial and see how to resize shirts, how to fit them perfectly, how                      to add darts and how to change men's shirt 👨 into 👩ladie's one.
                                    Your shirt can be your best friend 😉

                            Men's shirt Before resizing and refashion
This too big men's shirt had it all: lovely color , great fabric 👉 100% egyptian cotton and nice metal snaps.
It was perfect material for refashion,
 how could I resis😊

                                                                         during work 👊

         here you may see ready shirt on me , it's super comfortable  and  fits perfectly 
                                           I added 👉 patches as well 

          Men's shirt Before resizing and refashion and  ladie's shirt After

1. pleated skirt 👉👗
2. sneakers 👉👟

A new shirt for Sheila

I'd had these two Goodwill bargains hanging around for quite a while, and thought it might be fun to combine them.

I cut most of the blue sweatshirt off (another piece for the fabric stash), and cut the XXL men's shirt across at the armpits. I switched the shirt to button down the back. It was wide enough to make pleats - one inverted at CF, and one either side of the button band on the back.
I stitched the chopped off garments together, and overlocked the edges.
Well.....not the most imaginative of refashions, but it'll help to hide the belly until I wrangle my appetite under control!
Later that same week................
Hmm, had left Sheila standing quietly in the corner for a couple of days, wearing this and thought it looked quite cute. Then, I put it on and had my husband take photos  - it looked terrible!!

I will use the idea of the chopped off T with a shirt bottom, but I guess Sheila can have this one - not that she gets out much, usually just hangs around the house naked!
Full post HERE

The London Kimono Vintage Souvenir Scarf Refashion Project

The London Kimono Jacket by karen vallerius

I have been stitching some more of my vintage scarf kimonos as I am taking a stand at a vintage fair on Saturday - I loved this vintage London souvenir scarf and was pleased to find more scarves in my collection which toned in.  I think that using a scarf as the focal point of the design really displays it to its best advantage.

The London Kimono Jacket by karen vallerius

As always, I don't have a problem finding scarves in my stash to complete these projects ha ha!

If you would like to read more about this project, please visit me on my sewing blog here.

Happy stitches everyone!
Karen x

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

coat update - cut off collar and embroider sleeves

I was given a thrifted coat about 2 months ago.  My friend had told me she saw a coat I would like and wanted to check before she got it for me (which was thoughtful as I have far too much to sew sometimes!).

It was a new (from the 1970s) with tags, coat.  Navy wool, and it was also probably part of a uniform as the company makes ship uniforms for the Cunard.  The cut and make was basic (none of the internal seams are finished), and while the coat is wool - it not that insulated, which on the other hand made it very useful for this time of year (ie mid season)

It was a bit big, so I unpicked all the seams and the intention was to take them in, but when I used a pattern for reference, the only piece I recut was the fronts.  The rest were left.  Now that its done, I am thinking of taking it in an inch on the side seams but no hurry).

Originally I was going to embroider other areas but it would have been both fiddly and difficult,  (the centre front) and embroidering the hem was out as the design would have been lost - so I settled on embroidering the sleeves.

I took off the collar and tidied the finish but I still want to finish the collar better but I have not decided which way yet -

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dip Dye ReFashion

I've been playing with Rit Dye a lot.  Some things have worked out well others have not.  I made this plain white dress from a duvet.

I liked the dress but it was a little to plain for me.  PLUS after my last dye adventure I had LOTs of left over dye.

Dip dye using a pretzel bucket
I dip dyed this dress using a left over pretzel bucket.  This technique allowed me to soak the dress over night without spilling dye on to the white part of the garment.  

This time around I set the dye using Washing Soda (thank you internet) the the dark dye stayed put!

The tutorial for this look is on my blog: