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Monday, 21 July 2014

Bathing suit coverup from a thrift store dress

I found this collared dress that was too big. It is such a flowy dress, and the collar didn't really jive with the flowy-ness. Also the armholes were huge. I took the shoulder seams in by about 3 inches to raise the armholes and the hem. Then I cut off the neckline and did a bias finish. Instant bathing suit coverup! Read more of my sewing on my blog, Hoopes Park Studios.

Plaid-Back Tee

This shirt was too small.

Plaid-Back Tee - Before

This shirt was too big.

Plaid-Back Tee - Before

But this shirt is just right!

Plaid-Back Tee - AfterPlaid-Back Tee - After

As always, you can find more details and photos at CarissaKnits!

Plaid-Back Tee - Before & After

Sunday, 20 July 2014

90s Dress to Cropped Blouse

Contrasting hem, to be worn over dresses or high waisted skirts. Not sure how to style thatskirt yet! Perhaps shorter, it's a really strange pattern and PLEATS!

Some items are better with the sewingmachine rather than hand-stitching, unforgiving white fabric is one! How to:

Aviator Jacket

Hey folks !

Long time, sorry.

Today's refashion is for our annual family Murder Mystery.  My role was aviator lady in a 1920's circus.  So I wanted a nice aviator-style jacket.

My costume started with this beauty:

 And ended with this:

A lot of fun was had and we will do it next year too !

More details at my blog: SewLilTime.

I am in the process of reorganizing my sewing room so I should be able to post much more soon.



4XL Men's Polo to Dress Refashion

Yes this polo is huge! I converted it to a dress. I used a sleeve to make the bodice. I made a skirt from the bottom portion of the dress, I pleated it and also added some elastic.

The end product was a fun halter dress I wore to a festival here in DC. For more information on this refashion click here.