Welcome to the Refashion Co-op! We came together through a shared love for making over old garments into new clothes and accessories and created this space dedicated to refashioning. When Wardrobe Refashion closed down we were all sad to see the iconic blog end it's run, so this project was set up to keep the online refashion community alive.

This is a collaborative blog, a space for contributors worldwide to showcase their finished projects and share techniques. We also envision it as a place to gain inspiration and further the dialogue around sustainable fashion, consumerism, personal style, and frugal fashion. Most importantly, we hope this will be a space to connect with like-minded folks by fostering a sense of community among contributors and readers alike. 

Our blogging platform only allows 100 authors, therefore we ask contributors to post at least once a month. If you fall behind, the editors -- who will send you a friendly reminder because we all know life gets in the way of refashioning sometimes -- will need to remove your name from the list in order to let someone else have a turn. But no worries! You can always apply again when you get back to sewing! 

Together, we can take this movement to a new level! Let’s spread the refashion love to more people, encourage one another to take creative risks, and celebrate in our successes along the way.

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