Posting Guidelines

DO show us your wonderful, creative wearable refashions, which we here at Refashion Co-op define as ‘Something new to wear out of old clothes’. If you took the scraps from that and went on to make a book cover, wrist pincushion or other ‘crafty’ item, cool! You can show a picture of that that at the end of your refashion post then of course link to your own blog to show more detail.

DO title your post then add your posting name as a label. We are just using user names at the moment so you don’t need to use anything else!

DO include before and after shots! If the project is long and detailed you can certainly link back to your own blog if you don’t want to re-create your entire step-by-step. Fashion shots are nice too -- one or two of those would be just spiffy.

Now, photos you have found on the internet: they are not really yours to use and therefor we would advise you not to post them on the Refashion Co-Op. If you want to know more about what photos you can use and how to credit them have a look at this wonderful poster by PiaErin and Yvette on design*sponge.

DO give credit where credit is due: if you found a great blog or site then did a project from their instructions, give them a shout-out by mentioning or even linking to them. It’s only fair.

DO remember we are here to share, not to sell! By all means link back to your blog in your posts but linking to your etsy shop or slipping in some advertising for your creations or publications is not really what we are here for. If you would like to advertise on or sponsor Refashion Co-op, please write the editors. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the editors with any little thing that’s on your mind or with suggestions to make this blog the best it can be!

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leaf said...

Hi, this is Leaf, I am new to here. I had my first post on the site today, maybe I did something wrong, because I see on the site "Please label your posts with your username only" what that mean? should I put my name as "Leaf" on the post title for each project, or should I only put titles on the "post title"? Thanks.