Friday, August 17, 2018

The Great Green Skirt

  Hello Refashion Co-op. Do you ever find things when you are out thrifting or shopping and bring them home even though they don't fit? I loved this green and yellow floral skirt when I saw it at a clothes swap. It didn't fit at all. But I wanted it!

 It was pretty and perfect and too big.

 I did some measuring and figuring. I wanted to remove enough fabric to make the skirt fit but not change the shape of the full twirly skirt. I also had to avoid the side zipper and keep all the panels more or less symmetrical and balanced.
I basically just winged it.

 I was glad I brought this skirt home with me, it worked out well.

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This Skirt Is Too Sheer

Hello Refashion Co-op. My daughter gave me this skirt because it was too sheer. It needed a slip under it and that made it hot and uncomfortable to wear. It got tossed in the refashion pile.

Here is the skirt. I decided to use it in another way. I cut the top of the skirt off and gave it a new hem. It made a big ruffle.

I decided to add the piece of skirt to a tank top I had in the refashion pile too. It was nice, but too low cut. I thought I could fix that too.

I pinned the skirt to the tank top and used my machine to connect them.

I cut the straps off and I had a fun off-the-shoulder top. The elastic waistband keeps the top up around my shoulders. The neckline isn't revealing anymore and the shirt is a lot of fun now.

Thanks for reading this post, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rit Ice Dye Technique

Last month I posted a teaser on my instagram page that I was trying a new dye technique from Rit Dye- Ice Dye! This turned out to be a fun way to dye fabric. I will say after completing this I may have used a little too much dye and ice. I will be trying this again  with less ice and less dye and see how it goes.

Started with this lovely white tee.

For this I needed:
-Rit color stay color fixative. Ice
-Ice Cubes (I used 3 difference cube shapes)
-A large cookie sheet
- Cooling rack
I covered my counter with plastic wrap, then placed the cookie sheet ontop. I pre-wet my shirt in warm water.

Crumpled up the shirt and placed it on the cooling rack and cookie sheet.
Piled on the ice and sprinkled on the powder dye.
My mountain of ice took forever to melt, so I took it outside into the 95 degree heat to melt faster. Once that was done I put the shirt into a bucket with warm water and the Rit Color Stay dye fixative. Let that sit for 30 minutes and then took it to the washer!

A new take on tye-dye! Can't wait to try this again!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

A simple embelishment

Hello Refashion Co-op!
I have a little refashion to show you. 

I had this knitted tank top and I needed a little more coverage, so what else from lace?

I hand stitched it and...

That's a way I wore it:

Thank you for reading!

Men's shirt refashion

This shirt had been in my refashion pile for some time.

I adapted it into a new top with the help of a pattern.

I thought I could use the pattern to cut out the shoulders and neckline and keep the rest of the shirt intact. It was going to be one of those back becomes the front adaptations, keeping the button placket as a feature.

This pattern features a broad neckband piece, good for using some contrast fabric.

I couldn't decide whether to add arms or not, the weather was so hot when I was sewing it.

In the end I went for the arms.

Here is the finished product:

There are more details and photos here