Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From Bland to Bling!

A shoe make-over

Yes, I promised an upcycling project from my husbands old suit. And I am working on that...
But in-between, let me show you what I did to a dull, worn-down pair of boots that I wear a lot, just because they are so comfortable.

There is a little gemstone in the center of the heel...

Well, they are still comfortable, but definitely not dull anymore.
I posted step-by-step pictures on my blog right here: Of Dreams And Seams.

Add some bling to your life ;-)
Take care everybody!


La La Lauren!!! said...

i love the new look of these boots! nice job!

Editor on Duty

learningnewtricks said...

Especially love the heals. Wonder how the tiles would have looked on the toes.

JuliN said...

These are nice. Thanks for sharing.