Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sweaters to mittens

Of course this mitten idea came from good old Martha Steward.   And of course I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!   (As you do too, right?)

First up was a soft gray sweater that I had shrunk in the laundry  I was pretty sad when that happened, but it was something I found at a thrift store, so not too too sad.  The first mitten turned out.....uh... bad, but the second turned out great. a quick learning curve.  I used the hem of the sweater as the bottom of the mitten.
Next up was a blue wool sweater that was always just a tad too tight and too warm for me to wear (also from some thrift store many, many years ago).   I cut it up into 4 mittens.  A set for me and a set for Kaylee.  A little lace, cuz I'm fancy like that.

I'm not a huge mitten fan, but you know how the steering wheel is so cold in the morning?  These have been the perfect thing to wear this week. 

 The Little Moments


Dorothy Explora said...

...adorable! <3


Anonymous said...

Very cute! There are some good tutorials on the Purl Bee about felted mittens, including one that shows how to add a knitted cuff to your mitten.

Refashion said...

So sweet! I would totally wear those. Thanks! Seeks, EOD