Friday, December 30, 2011

This is an old refashion I did that I wanted to share with you all.

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I had this dress a loooooong time.
So long, in fact, that it is a size 4.
I have not been a size 4 since before I had my daughter and she will be 11 in March

I have a hard time with dresses, especially shirt dresses, because my upper and lower halves are two very different sizes. As you can see this size 4 top was perfect, but the 'before' pic shows you that there was no hope of this EVER buttoning all the way again. Ever!

So... I chopped the sleeves.
Very carefully picked out both cuff seams.
Very carefully picked out the hem seam.
Split the side seams up to the fifth button from the top.
Split both sleeve pieces in two where they were already cut for the sleeve detail.
Sewed each set into two longer pieces.
Pinned the hell out those pieces into both side seam openings, tapering towards the top.
Sewed the bits in.
Made some adjustments.
Re-hemmed the bottom.
Made new sleeve hems.
Shortened button tabs and reattached to each sleeve.

Whew! It all reads like a lot more work than it was!


seeks said...

Awesome refashion! Super cute. If I didn't already have a dress a lot like that, I'd look for one to make into one just like yours. Love it.

Sharee said...

This looks awesome, the new side panels in the skirt add some real character to the dress. Nice to wear something you haven't worn since before children!

Chris said...

very cool...

PS I have exactly the same fitting issues.

Bartinki said...

Mens shirts are sometimes difficult to fit in hips, unless you have XXL size - I have the same problem. But the triangle bit on sides is excellent idea. Very good looking dress - I love it!

Refashion said...

Cute! I love this idea.

--Natalli (EOD)

Nettie said...

Thanks everyone!! Chris, I find that this is a common fit problem. Sewing/refashioning your own certainly takes care of that!