Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cheeky Charlotte

Thanks to Anthropologie for creating a gorgeous lace cardigan. A big thanks also must go to Jennifer Brasher of who inspired me with her amazing version of the Anthropologie brushed lace cardigan. Below is my version.

Gorgeous moss green cardigan but overall quite dull. Pretty pretty vintage petticoat. Let's combine the two and see what can be created.

The Cheeky Charlotte can lift the plainest of jeans and can make casual look chic. The Cheeky Charlotte is also classic and would look sweet and demure with a vintage pencil skirt.

Mezzy @


Beth Huntington said...

Really like the way this turned out! The green is gorgeous!

Mezzy said...

It was a bit fiddly but it worked out really well and it looks charming on.

Refashion said...

Great refashion! Totally something one would see at Anthropologie. :D -Seeks, EOD