Monday, July 30, 2012

Punkish pants from trashed pants.

     So been rather busy with summer cleaning and moving things around but I now have a workable space and so to my husbands happiness was finally able to repair his favorite jeans using a pair of pajama bottoms and some zippers I picked up at the thrift store. They were selling zippers a quarter a piece so I just bought 3 dollars worth to use on other projects :).


     I used the zippers to help patch up the holes in the back though you cant really see them and added the the pajama material to patch the holes in the front inside and added some behind the zippers so that their functional, then added the cuff from the bottom of the pajama bottoms to the back pockets to try and fix as well as hide the deterioration of the top of the pockets. I did what I could considering how far gone they were, but hes happy with them and says there still comfortable. More importantly there now wearable. I wound up doing the fabric behind the holes in full panels though just in case of future ripping. well ttyl :) --QueenOfNothing

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Refashion said...

Great way of extending the life of these jeans. Thank you for sharing,

Debbie EOD