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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Winter Coat Refashion

So here's an old coat. This cost me about $12, at Vinnies,  back in the mid-90's, when I was at uni.

Here's the new version.

I reshaped the collar, cut a new hemline, and used the offcuts to make epaulettes, button flaps and big piratical cuffs. The buttons were in my stash, also an op-shop find from ages ago.

I managed to use most of the original coat, the only bits left are the original tie belt and about a 30cm square piece of material. Maybe I'll make a matching cap.

The little patches cover an original buttonhole and a couple of mothy/worn spots, as does the little strip around the collar.
For more detail on my process, have a look at the blog:

Cheers, have a good weekend!


Sharon said...

Fantastic job, well done.

Nettie said...

I love this idea!! I just scored a wool coat from a Freecycler that I'd been wondering what to do with. Thanks for the inspiration!

Alexus1325 said...

That is a gorgeous new coat! I love your transformation :D

Julia and Bobby said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning new coat!

Erin said...

Fabulous should be so proud of yourself...

Bat Ma'am said...

Wow that's amazing!! I'm getting ideas of how to refash my own winter coat !

Refashion said...

Ambitious project, with great results. :) Love the handiwork! -Seeks, EOD

Clare said...

Love. It.