Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some silk top refashions, just in time for PR!

My family and I are heading to Puerto Rico for the next couple of weeks to visit my husband's family...comes at a perfect time for us to escape the cold weather that has descended on the northeastern portion of the U.S. I've had a stack of silk blouses to refashion for a few weeks now, and what with Sandy and then the ensuing NorEaster, I am just now recovering some refashioning time as our power is now fully restored! Yay! I decided to style these next few tops for warmer weather as I will be taking them with me on our trip to the Caribbean. Here are a few shots of the befores and afters:

This first top was definitely a pajama top, but an amazing royal blue color that I just could't pass up. I cut the sleeves to 3/4 length and hemmed, I rounded the bottom hem from it's original square shape, and I took it in in the sleeves, armpits and then just a bit on the sides. I LOVE the outcome paired here with white skinnies and nude gladiator sandals. Into the suitcase it goes!


The above is a refashion of a refashion. I took an XXL silk top whose "short" sleeves reached almost to my wrists, removed the sleeves and finished off the edges. Well, in this second phase, I turned the top around to put the button enclosure in the front and deepened it by cutting straight down and finishing off the edges to create a deeper V. Paired with teal skinnies and gladiators, into the suitcase it goes!

 Ok, this final refashion is basically the yellow version of the blue pajama top. This I immediately turned around wanting the button down front to be the new back. I cut the sleeves off at a cap sleeve length, cut a square neckline and finished off the edges, and took it in under the arms and just a bit on the sides. Below, I've paired it with a previously refashioned skirt and some comfy red heels. My legs are definitely NOT ready for the Puerto Rican sun, but soon will be :) Yet again, into the suitcase this goes! Hopefully, the hubby and I will get a date night while down there...cause this is what I'll be wearing :-)

Hope you all have enjoyed these takes on the abundance of silk tops that can be found at your local thrift store! Dig into those racks and bring some home!!!




Refashion said...

Lots of cute ideas! Love that bright skirt especially.

The Renegade Seamstress said...

Oh, they are all wonderful! I love the royal blue top and the skinnies! Thank goodness you are OK after the storm and have you power again. Have a great time in PR. You deserve it after what you must have been through the last few weeks!

Refashion said...

reat holiday wardrobe! I love the bright strong colours of the yellow and blue tops. Hope you have a fabulous holiday.
Debbie EOD