Thursday, November 22, 2012

These Boots Were Made for Refashioning....Round 2

Hello All!

It's me, Hailey Aryn, back again with another shoe refashion. Only, this time, I never intended to refashion these particular boots. I got this pair of knock off UGGs for $1 (I know! Breathe....) at my local Hudson's Salvage and new I'd wear them out this winter. My last faux pair (a boring beige) had been previously thrown out due to their soles falling off.

Sadly, to my horror, when I got home from the store, I noticed that a bottle of bleach I had just bought from another shopping trip had leaked and ruined one of the boots. :(

But...NO PROBLEM, it was time to get out the needle and thread and fancy these puppies up!

So, I haven't finished the other boot yet. I'm sewing completely by hand with a whip stitch on the side connecting seams and trying not to go all the way through the boot in case I want to fold the tops down.
I have left the part where the faux fur meets the top band of the boot with an open seam for now. Maybe I should put some scalloped trip on the top?
What do y'all think? Should I add any more embellishments?
For a pair of cheap boots, they look and feel super warm and soft (and chic!). Cannot wait to try them out. I'll post finished pictures as soon as I do.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Can't wait to see more updates!
<3 Hailey Aryn


Erica Louise said...

It took a while to figure out what you'd done here, but I think I got it, you stitched faux fur onto the front part of each boot? Smart idea! I'm shocked you found a pair for $1 too, even if they are fake, who cares for a dollar!

They look great as they are, no need for embellishments I don't think?

Erica EOD

Hailey Aryn said...

Oops! Guess I did leave a key step out. And thank you, I think I will leave them simple. :D