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Monday, 24 December 2012

Some Christmas Eve Pajamas

So, I'm starting the tradition of "new" pajamas and other goodies (Christmas movie, snack, popcorn, etc.) to be opened on Christmas eve with our 4 year old son. Not wanting to buy a pair of pajamas and having a couple of t-shirts just asking to be cut up, I decided that I'd use these for the pj's. I didn't take a photo before cutting them up, but I reassembled them to show how much they were cut down to make size 5 pajamas.

This is a t-shirt I found at the thrift store with plans to size it down for my spiderman obsessed son.

 This was one of my husband's t-shirts that he simply stopped wearing, in great shape, and perfect as bottoms for my son's new pajama set.

I cut the spiderman t-shirt down using one of his looser pajama tops as a guide, leaving a margin for sewing it all up, and cutting off the sleeves and reattaching them once I was ready to assemble everything. The bottoms, similarly, I cut out using one of his pairs of bottoms that were a little loose. All you have to do is fold the pants in half, cut along the outside of the pant leg and around to the crotch(again, leaving a margin for sewing it all up), fold this over and use it as a guide to cut out the rest of the leg, then repeat on the back of the t-shirt or whatever fabric you may be using. Using currently owned clothing is a great way to make your own patterns and it helps you to see how things are constructed. This also means that you'll be more likely to get a really good fit, using something that already fits well!
I ended up using the neck of the gray t-shirt as the waist band for the pants...perfect! The rest goes to the scrap bucket ;)
Now to wrap these pj's up to await our evening activities!!! Hope your holidays are bright and a time of celebration, whatever you choose to celebrate :) Love, peace, hope, family, friends, joy, renewal, contentment...take your pick!


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La La Lauren!!! said...

Nice job! Happy holidays!