Monday, January 28, 2013

I thought I knew what I was doing...

I have a board on Pinterest that I've named Refashion Ideas. I decided to browse through said board to gain inspiration for this lovely coral silk blouse that I'd thrifted...

I came across this photo from of a lilac top:

I could totally pull this off, and its super cute ;) So, I began my refashion with this end in mind.
I began by seam ripping the collar, sleeves and up each side of the top.

I then cut the body down starting where the shoulder should be and angled out to the bottom outer corner, ran the sides through my sewing machine up to the armpits and reattached the sleeves. I cut the sleeves off just above the cuff and buttons and finished off the new hems with thin elastic that I zigzagged in with my machine.

Alright, now, all I had to do was to cut out the scoop back and create a bow...

I made sure not to cut it too low as I prefer to wear a bra without it showing. I finished off the new neckline and tried on my new top before making the bow...I didn't like the way it was laying on me at all. I decided to turn it around. Wow, I loved the drape much better, and now the button down front made for an interesting back...without a bow! (I could still always make a detachable bow with the scraps left from this, and may do so later today :))

Here's my final look:

I belted it to give myself a waist and paired it with some casual jeans, but as with most of my silk tops, this can be paired with nice jeans and heels, pencil skirts and sandals, a black and white patterned mini and ankle boots, comfy and light, I'll be wearing this all seasons!

Hope you enjoy!


Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Fantastic job! :)

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Unknown said...

Very cute!

Adele said...

That is lovely. Better than you intended it to be I think!

Adele - EOD

Cucicucicoo said...

Looks lovely! I think that an important thing when refashioning or sewing in General is to know when to stop and to be flexible. You did this and came out with something different, but great! :) lisa