Monday, February 18, 2013

Doily and lace shirt

Refashioned lace shirt
I made this funky shirt by layering pieces of doilies and lace onto a plain shirt.   It’s not quite my style, but it was fun to play around with pretty little scraps.

Refashioned lace shirt

I tried something new on this project; spraying adhesive onto the doily before placing it on my shirt. That gave me a tacky hold and  I was able to move the piece around a few times.   When I was happy with the placement, I sewed it into place without worrying about pinning it down or it slipping out of place.   The spray was a little bit stinky, but it washes out just fine.

Have you ever used spray adhesive in sewing something?   Is this a big "no-no"?   I have no idea!!!!

Amy Jo at The Little Moments


Unknown said...

Spraying adhesive to your doilies is a fantastic idea! I will try that next time too, great tip

Erica, editor on duty

Sandy said...

It is a good idea. just check that it is the kind that will wash out.

It is better used like you did with the spray on the doily. Sometimes if you spray it onto something thin, then it will show through..sometimes it doesn't wash out so well on something thin. The Sulky 505 can be washed out. and the Sulky KK2000 is meant to dissipate within 2 to 5 days.

No connections to Sulky, just some of the stuff I have learned hanging out on quilt lists!
the 505 is also good for backs of stencils if you are paintingor spraying a motif onto something.
Sandy in the UK

Vicki said...

If you use a sewing machine, a spray adhesive can gum up the machine and/or the needle.

Unknown said...

Great tip and very cute top.