Monday, February 18, 2013

It's the End of the World as We Know it, and I Feel Fine

In case anyone missed it, the world ended in December 2012.  Luckily, we were all given plenty of warning, so I was able to acquire the appropriate accessories.  

So it's Aztec. The apocalypse is no time to be choosy.

Armageddon is a special occasion in need of special attire, so I picked up a couple frumpy items in need of a face lift.

Frumpy, frumpy, frumpy!

I started with the shirt.  It was big and baggy and really didn't cut the mustard. (Pun intended.) I pinned the sides to fit my dress form, and then pinned the arms to remove the extra bulk.  Next, I sewed the sides, starting where the arms meet the body of the shirt down to the hem. Then I did the same to the arms. I cut away the excess fabric, and used some of it to add a ruffle to the front of the shirt. The shirt was still too baggy around the neck, so I took it in in the back.

Pin, sew, cut, repeat.

The skirt was a much easier fix. I opened the casing of the waistband, shortened it by several inches, and then closed it up again.

Trim the waist.

Then I chopped a few inches off the bottom of the skirt and hemmed the edge.

Chop and hem. 

I paired my newly refashioned skirt and shirt with my not Mayan calendar belt and some jewelry I don't normally wear, and I was ready to go out in style.

Frump be gone!

Well, the world didn't end. What a shame. But now I can share this with you, so there's a silver lining to every non-apocalypse.

- Elizabeth


Erica Louise said...

I really like the cute ruffle you've added to the front of the mustard top

Erica, editor on duty

Kelley Dibble said...

FABULOUS x 18! Upgrade fantastica!


Mezzy M said...

Love the whole look. It works really well.