Monday, February 18, 2013

Who's ready for swimsuit season?

Not me, that's for sure! One thing that I can do to be just a little more prepared, however, is to revamp a couple of suits that need to change as I do. One is a maternity suit that has passed down from my sister-in-law, to my older sister, and then to myself as we each were pregnant....It's been around the block, but looks barely worn, and a refresh is all it needs to work for my non-pregnant self ;)

I'm really digging high waisted (read tummy-hiding) retro style two piece suits, so that's the route I went with this number...but if by chance I do get my body into better shape, I gave myself the flexibility of wearing this as a slightly skimpier bikini (nothing scandalous, I promise!).

This was a fairly simple refashion. I cut the top just below the bust leaving enough of a margin to fold and zig zag the raw edge. The cut off portion I reshaped to fit over my waist to my hips and put in an elastic band at the smallest part of my waist. With the bottoms I had to take off the old band (the elastic was dry and crackling), take in the extra tummy portion, and again sew some elastic in to create the top band. I also took the plastic buckle out that used to be on the top as it created a weird shape on my chest and did not flatter my smaller bust at all!

My second refashion is even simpler yet, but in the same line of retro inspiredness ;)

This suit I bought last summer season, but it ended up being short in the torso, so it was pulling in the crotch and super not flattering on my bum. I cut it under the bust, finished off the edges of both top and bottom by adding an elastic band, and there you go! Much more flattering. AND I can wear them interchangeably if I want! Leopard and black, the perfect way to mix and match :) Here's to getting ready for the season (even if spring hasn't hit yet here in the northern hemisphere)! Hope you are inspired to revamp your swimsuit collection if it needs it!



Unknown said...

Fantastic, swim suit refashions is not something I'd considered before, great choice of vintage styling here, hope you get lots of wear out of them this summer!

Erica, editor on duty

Agy said...

Lovely swim suit refashion. The black two piece is my fave, and definitely oozes retro!

Andrea said...

Thanks Agy! Appreciate it ;)