Monday, March 11, 2013

Skirt to tunic 1

Years ago I made a couple of skirts from the same pattern but with different floral material. I loved wearing them, the fabric is brushed and cosy. Alas, they shrunk (!) and have been in the loft for many, many years.
 I thought they would make nice tunics to wear over leggings.

Here is the first one.
The good thing about making your own clothes is that you sometimes get useful leftover pieces of fabric, which I never throw away. Sure enough, I found an offcut of this one, which I used to make the front and back yokes.

I removed the skirt from the hip yoke, removed a section off the width, enough to make sleeves, and left the top of the sides open for armholes. Cut a plain back yoke, and a v-shaped front yoke from the spare leftover fabric. Gathered the front and back onto the yokes and joined the shoulders. Cut sleeves using a current blouse. Set the sleeves in
The hem is straight, it's just hanging a bit funny!

Look out for the second refashion soon!


Refashion said...

Great tunic and very wearable.


Sandy said...

Good idea!
Sandy in the UK

Ms Jean Upcycles said...

Nice! More documented support for why not to throw left over pieces of fabric away.