Thursday, May 16, 2013

Black and Blue Frankendress

I'll apologize now for not having proper "before" photos on this refashion. I sometimes start into a project not exactly knowing where it will end up and not at all confident that it will turn out ;) This one did(in my humble opinion)!


I had a tunic/mini dress that I had chopped in two to create the mini skirt pictured on the right...well, the top half sat in my refash pile for months and months until just a couple of days ago when I reorganized/purged my stash. I also had a halter style maxi dress that I had cut in two. I had plans to do something with it but it sat so long that I've forgotten what exactly that was. Both were originally from a thrift store costing me $3 apiece. I took the top half of the tunic and the skirt portion of the halter dress and sewed them together. The skirt has a built in elastic panel at the back and ties in the front, so I created two gathers in the top to match the circumference of my skirt before sewing the two together. As I mentioned, the skirt was from a maxi dress, so I cut it to it's new hi-low style and hemmed the bottom by rolling it over twice, pinning it and running it through my sewing machine. That was it! My thrifted black belt and sandals finish it off for a mommy/son day out. A pretty simple process but I absolutely love how it turned out :) And I was able to pull things from my stash that were sitting useless and make them into a comfy yet super cute dress that I can wear all summer long.  I can totally see this on a date night out with some fierce black studded booties or heels as well :) Just gotta find me a pair! Sometimes a little mix and match can really pay off, ya think? Enjoy your weekend, folks!



Unknown said...

This is really cool! I did a similar refashion a while back and it's nice to see two "scraps" become something useful. I really love the top part of this dress. And the color is great too!

Eileen Cox said...

Very cute - great job!

IWOM said...

Lesson du jour: never chuck out a half refashioned garment -- you just never know when you'll need it!

Nice job.


Andrea said...

Thanks for your comments! Appreciate it :)