Friday, November 29, 2013

Begone Vile Tiered Skirt

I have a few gypsy tiered skirts loitering with intent in my wardrobe. I liked the material but feel my ample hips and bottom are not a flattering fit for these types of skirt. Thirty seconds later, two snips and a try on, and I have a new shorter dress, cowl necked, no less and add a terrific thrifted belt. The shoulders fit nicely and it just shocked the heck out of me, that the frock actually worked.

All I did was cut two half moon shapes out of the skirt as shown,for the armholes, just a fee inches from the waist of the gypsy skirt and it's done. I am too lazy to hem the armholes, you might not be.

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Thank you.


Amy Jo said...

I want to see an "after" photo of it! Pretty Please?

Refashion said...

This looks like a really good make...but I would love to see an after picture too.
Debbie EOD