Saturday, November 23, 2013

Frumpy, Dumpy, Lumpy Skirt.

Frumpy, Dumpy, Lumpy Skirt.

I found this frumpy, dumpy, lumpy skirt at a local thrift store. As I am heading off for a beach holiday in a few weeks I wanted something light and summery. This skirt fit the bill.....only problem is that it was made for an Amazonian Wonderwoman of statuesque height. I am 5 foot 3 inches / 160cms tall.....or short to be more accurate. The skirt was the length of a bedsheet and finished way past my feet. This would not do! I needed to shorten it without losing the cool detail. I also wanted to give it a far more casual feel.
Hello Amazonian Wonderwoman.....I have your skirt. Now the trick to this refashion is that the bottom of the skirt where the brown detailed threading is....will be turned upside down and reattached just under the middle of the skirt.

So I cut away at least 12 inches off the middle of the skirt. The detailed panel is now separate so I start cutting strips and turn them into tassels. These tassels will become the bottom of my skirt.

What you see now is the original hem being sewn to the middle of the skirt after the 12 inches of excess fabric has been removed.

Look carefully. The original hem is now in the middle and the skirt is a cool summer beach length with tassles for an extra fun detail.

Bottom in the middle and the middle at the bottom. Refashion is now complete.
Refashioned skirt on her maiden voyage. Loving my scrappy tatty tassels.

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Sandy said...

this is very cool! And actually the design is better - much more proportional to the size.
Sandy in the UK

Refashion said...

The skirt looks very pretty and you did a great job resizing it.

Debbie EOD

Mezzy M said...

Thank you both. I probably could have gone a bit shorter but I like this length with my boots.