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Sunday, November 24, 2013


I use a lot of canvas bags for all sorts of things - especially instead of plastic grocery bags - in the UK we have one supermarket with hideous orange ones that are blowing everywhere in the autumn wind!!
 I'd bought a cute coral coloured tee with lovely birds flying all over it - I don't wear that colour, but I couldn't leave it in the shop.... I also had a great canvas bag with Mick Jagger on the front. I love Mick, but the picture was very unflattering. So bag+shirt = great new refashion!!

Sorry, I don't have a full pic of the before T-shirt, but it was a size 14 that came up too short just above the hips......

sewed up the sleeves and the neck, using the bottom hem of the shirt for the top hem of the bag.

And the end result....

This makes the bag stronger for all those heavy root veggies I'll be buying for winter!

The full process can be seen here...

Thanks!! - AliceSaysNo


Julie Lail said...

I love this! Soooo cute!

Refashion said...

The bag looks so good. I am sure it will cheer up your shopping trips :)

Debbie EOD