Wednesday, November 27, 2013

scarves from offcuts

I've been very busy making non clothing things and cards for Christmas, so although I have a couple of refashioning projects on the go, I've not had time to finish them. Also I find that I prefer to work in natural daylight, and we don't have as much of that at the mo'.

However, I thought I would just show you these scarves. The fabrics were just offcuts of jersey left over from shortening hem projects, about 2 metres x 350mm. They had been thrown into the scrap bag. Then when I was searching for some other fabric, I pulled them out. Because they are jersey, they had rolled up with the long raw edges tucked inside. So I just wrapped one round my neck over a plain t shirt, didn't need any other stitching at all.

When I get fed up with them, I'll make some brooches from the fabric.

The black one is actually striped with silver, so will enhance my Christmas wardrobe!

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