Sunday, December 01, 2013

Back to front, dress

This dress was kind of ok as it was, except that I would rather want the slit in the front, than in the back.

The back

I lowered the back neckline, to make it the front neckline.

I also shortened the dress about 10 cm (4"), but kept the original hem (see more on my blog).
A few simple changes, but I wear the dress a lot more now. And no one would guess, that I made the back the front.

Should I remove the satin straps or leave them?

The dress kind of looks like something a nisse (goblin?) would wear, so I had to try a little dressup ;-)

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Refashion said...

It looks like a versatile dress.. I much prefer the neckline the "new" way

Debbie EOD

Eddie Roued said...

Loving the nisse look :-)