Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Better Late Than Never Jacket"

 A year ago I promised my co-worker Tom, that I would create a denim jacket refashion for his 4 year old daughter Amber. It has taken a year to find the right thrifted child's jacket. The butterfly painting I have had for approx six months and again this was a thrift store find. Tomorrow I return to work after a two week break and I will be delighted that I have finally fulfilled my promise to Tom.
So here is the pretty painting that I found in a thrift store. This I will carefully cut away from the picture frame. Then I cut the painting to fit the centre back panel of the denim jacket.

The jacket cost $3.25 from Bayswater Salvos.

Here is the back before it is transformed.

To the front I sew a couple of ornate hearts on the pocket flaps. This is to create a bit of interest and detail.

Close up of the hearts which I sew from underneath.

Here is the completed back panel. To protect and hide the edges of the canvas, I sew bias binding with a zig zag stitch. The jacket is now complete and ready for young Amber.
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IWOM said...

One is never too young to be taught that handmade is cool!