Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Tablecloth Skirts

Tablecloths on tables are downright dangerous with little kids around. I don't need tablecloths, but I do need cute Christmas skirts for my girls!

I made these skirts using the simplest kind of skirt pattern there is, the gathered skirt.

There is a full tutorial and more details here.

Note: You don't need to have twins to dress your kids up in identical clothes. I do it all the time and my girls are over 2 years apart and look NOTHING like each other :)


Elizabeth Hill said...

I have many memories of my sister and I in matching Christmas outfits. I don't think ours were as cute as the skirts you made though. ;)

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

April Rogers-Krick said...

So pretty. Much better as skirts. I love it.