Monday, December 09, 2013

Cobalt Dress into Tank and Scarf

I got this dress about half-way through my weight loss last year. I loved how its jersey fabric hugged my ever-shrinking curves, but the loose ruffly tiers still hid any not-so-flattering bulges. Fast forward to today, and it clearly does more hanging than hugging.

Cobalt Blue Dress into Tank and Scarf

I chopped the skirt off after removing the ruffles that were in the way, and I took up the shoulder a few inches to fix the gaping armholes. And my new tank top is just perfect! ...or will be when it's warm enough to wear a tank top.

Cobalt Blue Dress into Tank and Scarf

And with the leftover skirt part, I cut strips and stretched them out to make a scarf necklace. I used the bits cut from the shoulder straps to encase the ends of my strips.

Cobalt Blue Dress into Tank and Scarf

Cobalt Blue Dress into Tank and Scarf - Before & After


jennifer elliott said...

Has anyone told you how amazing you are? You are amazing! I love your refashions and wish had your skills and motivation!

Amy Jo said...

Wow. That tank top is gorgeous! I love all the diagonal ruffle details. Great job!

Mezzy M said...

Great refashion and I love the vibrant scarf necklace.

Eddie Roued said...

Lovely refashion :-)
And I adore how you have put the before and after images together.