Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Christmas Party clutch bag!

Hello Friends!
We are 12 days away from Christmas! We are already in Christmas mood and we can't wait to gather with family and friends. Today we are showing you how to make a dazzling evening Christmas party clutch bag in less than an hour! This amazing clutch is what you need for a Christmas night out! 

For the clutch you will need two pieces of different fabric. We used a silver fabric of mixed polyester and mohair quality for the outer part. For the inner part instead of a lining we used a thick denim fabric because it makes the clutch more stiff.

We place both fabrics facing one another and we cut them in the dimensions we want. Then we place the upper side of the silver fabric interfacing the denim's light blue side.

We sew with our sewing machine the two pieces of fabric leaving the one side open. After finishing the sewing, we turn it inside out until the outer side of the silver fabric appears.

Then we iron the side stitching very well. Now we have to sew the bottom side of the clutch. From the outer side of the silver fabric we fold the fabric up to the point we want and we pin it. It's time for sewing again! We sew both sides very well.

After sewing our clutch will look like this (see photo above from left). Now we will turn the inside out again and we will sew the finishing around the upper part. You fold the fabric carefully and you sew it. 

Now let's go decorate our clutch with a nice motif. We place this lovely heart shaped motif onto a similar fabric with the clutch's outer fabric but in a more dark color. We sew it carefully (by hand) our motif onto the second fabric and then we cut it around in a heart shape. Then we sew it on our bag's flap (by hand again).

This is the clutch we made! We loved the result! You can make similar clutches as a gift for your friends. We are sure they are going to love them! It will be a handmade gift they will appreciate. 

Many Kisses to all of you!

 Tailor Spy


Andrea said...

Wow! I love the fabric you used for the outside of this clutch and what an amazing tutorial! Thanks for posting this; it's a great idea of how to add sparkle for a festive ensemble :)

P.S. I've added your contributor name label (make sure to do this so that we can always find all of your awesome refashions!)

Andrea EOD

ETHEEA said...

clutches, clutches , lovely clutches :)