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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fast Friday Refashion


Here's a super quick refashion I did yesterday with one of my very well loved t shirts.

My little happy customer once again. :-) Those pink buttons will be used for something else soon too, they're gorgeous.

Here are some little pouches I also made from the leftover cuffs from a couple of other refashions. I've been using them for all of the cards I have in my purse.


Sharon at A vintage crafty adventure.


Andrea said...

Such a cutie!!! And the skirt is lovely too ;) I also love the pouches you've made with cuffs! I've a few that I need to use for this very project :) Great refashion and I can't wait to see where the pink buttons end up...

Andrea EOD

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

Very cute!

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

Very cute!