Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Frumpy sweater to chic sweater

I love this sweater, it is my warmest piece of clothing. But I never wear it, except for on the very coldest days, because it is so frumpy.

So I refashioned it into this. Still warm, frumpy no more.

 Here you can see the details on how I did: http://saga-i-farver.blogspot.dk/2013/12/sweater-metamoforse.html , and more refasions and creative projects.


cfortin said...

You have made your sweater much more flattering. Nice job.

Cindy - EOD

luv2sew said...

I second that. So much more wearable now!!!

Clare said...

Removing the collar made it much less frumpy. Looks nice.

Saga said...

I did more than than removing the collar. I cut the part under the bust off, and sewed it on again, upside down.