Sunday, December 08, 2013

Floral Print Top

Hi Everyone!

.I'm back in the swing of things! (At least this week anyway :) ) I had been dying to own a top with one of those beautiful floral placement prints, and finally my local "Goodwill" cooperated. Here is the final result!

2013-12-03 09.50.48

Believe it or not, here is what I started with. The top on the left is a 2x chiffon tank with the beautifully colored placement print I had been dreaming of!!! The top on the right is a mens polo in a beautiful weighted black jersey. Both pieces looked never used and the two of them together cost less than $7.00. Such a deal!

2013-11-20 07.36.062013-11-30 09.37.01

See the entire tutorial here!

Love Ya,
Mary P.   (a.k.a Thrifty Chic)


Sandy said...

wow! that's a beautiful transformation!
Sandy in the UK

Clare said...

Love the finished product.

Andrea said...

Great finds! The floral is really nice and bright, and I like the contrast with the sleeves and neckline :) Nice transformation!

Carissa said...

I love this print! It reminds me of a kaleidoscope! Great job!

I noticed you forgot to include a title on this post, so I added one for you. Feel free to go back and change it if you like.


Mary Peterson said...

Thanks Carissa!