Thursday, December 19, 2013

Indian print skirt

My mom got this Indian-print blanket in the mail for donating to an Indian children's charity (as in, Native American).  While it may look all ethnic and stuff, it is just a thin piece of fleece that is no good for keeping anybody warm.  I thought it was thin enough to make into a skirt. Here is the result:

I did use a pattern I had for a wrap-around skirt, but it required some modifications: I added a lining, had to recreate a missing facing piece, had to make it bigger, and had to get the blanket stitched edges to line up on the edges of the skirt.

Here is the original tag.  The design is Indian but the blanket was made in China.  Comfortable to wear, although you dog owners out there know the problem with fleece clothing!

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IWOM said...

And now I know just what to do with that BA First blanket that somehow or another found its way home with me recently….