Monday, December 02, 2013

Cobalt Tank Top

I've been seeing a lot of this beautiful cobalt blue these days. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. I am so ready to jump on this bandwagon! I picked up this super-sexy polyester blouse a few months back.

Blue Zebra Top

One cuff was missing a button, and the other cuff was missing entirely. Add to that some pretty rockin' shoulder pads and a zebra-stripe-esque tone-on-tone texture that is as close as I get to wearing animal print.

Blue Zebra Top

I decided to go with the old stand-by - Sorbetto - or rather, my lazy pattern-less version of the tank top, which I could probably make in my sleep by now I've made so many. It's just such a versatile garment. It can be paired with almost anything to completely change the look. The construction is simple, but fabric choices and little details can go a long way.

Blue Zebra TopBlue Zebra TopBlue Zebra Top

Feel free to pop over to CarissaKnits for more info on this project!


Refashion said...

The tank top looks very cute.:)

Debbie EOD

Amy Jo said...

Wow... Nice job finding such an unloved blouse and making it lovely!

cookiecrumbs said...

good job! That's a beautiful colour.