Sunday, December 22, 2013

Refashioned Basic "T"

Hi Everyone!

Let me preface this post by stating how horrified I was by the following picture. I thought long and hard about putting it "out there." I was so distraught by how lumpy and bumpy I looked, but decided to take the hit to my ego to prove a point.



The picture was taken two years ago on my sons graduation day. Since then, I have lost some weight, but I still could not wear that darn top without post traumatic stress! In fact, this top was the reason I have stopped wearing "fitted" T's altogether. The irony is that even after losing weight, I still felt like I looked lumpy in fitted T's. Part of the reason is that as most women age, gravity takes effect (even if you are thin) and unless you want to live your life in compression shape garments, you can't pull off tight anymore. It is much more flattering for women to wear garments that skim over the curves, instead of hugging them, and that is where I am going with this post.

After :)

 I feel a lot better modeling it now.  No lumps and bumps. The jeans and jewelry are the same as the first picture.

 For the total tutorial click here.


Love ya!


Andrea said...

First of all, you look great in the before picture! Such a good looking family :) But I do like the change you made to the t-shirt, and like you, I like it to skim rather than hug. I think this shape of top is also pretty flattering on almost any body type! Great job.

Clare said...

What a great idea. The modified tee is very flattering on you. Nice!

Cornflower Pink said...

What a great idea. Just what I need to add to my tops to flatter my body shape. Thanks for sharing!

Carissa said...

So much more flattering! Excellent job!


Lazyfish said...

Very nice solution!I need to loosen some fitted tees too,great idea ^^

Mary Peterson said...

Thank you everyone! Glad you enjoyed!

Klockarbarn said...

Yes, I agree. It´s the solution for me too even if I´m "only" 43 years old. But after 2 kids and the years add up I do not look good in tight t-shirts. You´ve opened my eyes too.
Merry chistmas to you.