Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Refashioned jacket to dog coat!

I hope this counts for Refashion Co-op, it is a wearable item refashioned from a piece of clothing...but it is for a dog.

When I was in vet school we all had to buy these jackets in final year that had the school crest and our name embroidered across the chest.  It was a nice warm jacket but a hideously unflattering style for someone short and petite-tending-to-dumpy like me.  I knew I would never wear it again after I graduated so it hung in the cupboard for a while, gathering dust and making me feel guilty.  I didn't want to send it to charity for the sentimental reasons (plus it has my name on it - limited resell there!) but equally didn't want to wear it because it made me look like the Michelin Man.


So, what do you do with a coat like that when you live in cold, damp Scotland?  Why, turn it into a coat for your mongrel of course!


I traced around a friend's dog coat that fit my hound, it has velcro straps across the front of the chest and underneath behind the armpit.  It goes along his back to keep off the worst of the weather, but far enough forward under the chest & abdomen that he won't wee on it, being a stupid boy dog who would do that if given half the chance.  I kept the school logo and my name (blacked out here just in case of government conspiracy) and the Musto logo.  I'm sure the Queen and Prince Charles would get a kick out of knowing that their brand sponsors my dog.


Trying to get him to stay still long enough for a halfway decent photo involved many, MANY dog treats.  This was such an easy make, I would definitely do it again if I found an unloved rain coat in a charity shop!

You can see more of my sewing, knitting and general crafting endeavours over at Craft & Thrift blog!


Judy Edmonds said...

Excellent refashion!! And cute picture!

Michele Reynolds said...

Great idea for your pooch! Cheers

cfortin said...

Nice re-fashion and a very cute model. :-)

Cindy - EOD

concretenprimroses said...

What an adorable dog! I just thrifted a jacket to do the same thing. Glad to see yours.

Terra the Reuser said...

I love this! We just adopted 2 more dogs, so we have 3 now. They're all low-riders and get soaking wet and muddy when we go for walks. You've inspired me to make them some nice doggy coats.