Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Sack Sabotage.

 Are you bored with the same old same old Santa sacks? No need to be embarrassed anymore carrying your beautiful upcycled homemade gifts in a dull old commercial Santa sack. Dump the sack, break the rules and create your own personalised Santa sack. Say hello to Patsy Penguin. Patsy Penguin is single, 25, enjoys a good glass of red wine and loves the night life. At dusk every night she comes out to party while many come to join her at Patsy's Penguin Party Parade on Phillip Island. Not wanting to look like every other penguin in the parade, Patsy likes to glam up for a big night out. Tonight and tomorrow Patsy will party with her new friend Sue. Merry Christmas Sue.....hope you and Patsy have a great time together.
Nice little penguin, but could do with a style injection.

I love shopper bags and the money that I paid for this goes to a good cause.

1940's vintage buttons will do nicely as an alternative string of pearls. These I hand sew on.

Left over vintage silk tie will make a lovely hair clip.

Finished off with another 1940's vintage button.

Penguins like to run to their nests through native grasses. Okay so these are not quite native grasses but these too will be hand sewn onto the bag.

Patsy is finished off with a 1970's doily cut into a skirt, plus a touch of lippy and nail polish.

Patsy you are looking glam.

Ready for Patsy's Penguin Party Parade.......now off to find a glass of wine.
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Ali said...

Brilliant!!! :-)

guffdragon said...

Thank you, that made me smile and it's an even lovelier bag for it's makeover.

Sandy said...

That is so fun! Now I want to look for a penguin shopping bag!
Sandy in the UK

IWOM said...

First a coat for a dog, now a skirt for a penguin. What IS this blog coming to?!?



Mezzy M said...

Thanks all. Shopper tote refashions are great fun. I found a canvas P & O Cruises tote which will be my next project. I think that I am going to create a vintage sailing ship from retro fabric.