Sunday, December 08, 2013

the snug as a bug hand warmer

I started with a sad, broken zippered winter coat forgotten at the back of the closet & a vintage necktie...

and created snuggly mommy & munchkin handwarmers!

 Get the groovy video tutorial here


Andrea said...

Ok, the munchkin version is AWESOME! (The adult version as well), but we were just out walking around town with some family visiting for the day and my son's wrists got cold because of the gap between glove and coat whenever he would move his arms too far. This is exactly what I need to make for him and I love the strap which makes this so incredibly, sorry, I'm just excited that I found an answer to a problem I hadn't even begun to try to find the answer to! Very cool refashion :) Thank you for posting!

Carissa said...

These are totally adorable, especially the munchkin one! What a great way to salvage a damaged jacket!


Awesomesauce and Asshattery said...

Thanks very much gals!

*You're absolutely right Andrea...the hand warmer absolutely covers that annoying (& chilly) wrist gap left by 'normal' mittens ;O)