Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Turtleneck sweater to asymmetric cardigan with cool details

A former favourite sweater, that lay forgotten and unloved in the back of the closet...

 ...has come back to glory.
I cut of the turtleneck and cut the sweater open to make an asymmetric cardigan. I (hand)sewed the button placket from the turtleneck to the edges of the now-cardigan as closure.
(I had to re-check: It is not longer at the left side, it is just me having a wierd pose on the picture).

More pictures of this project and more refashion and craft projects on:


Andrea said...

I had a gray sweater almost exactly like this that I deconstructed into boot cuffs, 2 scarves, and I may still have some left! I love how you remade this...I'm such a sucker for button details ;) Great job!

Saga said...

I have a thing for buttons too. It was the main reason that I wanted to save this sweater from the great unknown (aka. the thrift shop).

IWOM said...

Well aren't you just the busy bee with all your funky sweater refashions? !?



Eddie Roued said...

That's really beautiful - give me ideas for knitting designs too ;-)


Mezzy M said...

Love the detail....very cool.