Sunday, December 08, 2013

Two simple refashions: A shoe fix and a skirt fix.

So 2 more simple refashions....

First shoes...
I had a pair of shoes I really love to wear while walking everywhere here in D.C. But we had some close counters with some curbs which left the metallic facing of the shoes peeling. Not wanting to toss them I decided to fix them up with some paint.

Here is my end pair of shoes. All fixed! For more on this particular refashion click here

Next, a striped skirt. A weird lenght but I love Stripes!!

Just a simple removal of the bottom and a nice hem and I have a new skirt. :) 
More info here.




ETHEEA said...

Both are lovely!

Andrea said...

Great save on the shoes! And I am obsessed with stripes and love that you saved this from its awkward length state :)

Carissa said...

I have a pair of boots that are in need of the same treatment. Thanks for the how-to!


Mezzy M said...

Great rescue of the shoes. They look cool with the two tones.