Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Upside down blouse

A pullover(?) that had become to loose in the already wide neckopening.


I turned the pullover 180 degrees, upside down. Then I narrowed the body, to make shoulders and narrow the neck/cowl a bit.
One cut, one seam. It took me about 2 minutes.

After: A shoulder warmer. Great when I am a bit cold, but don't want to go all in wearing a big, unflattering sweater.

Here is a silly picture of me trying to show how I wear the pullover upside down.

More pictures and details on how I made this:

(I really need to figure out the excact definitions of blouse, top, pullover, sweater a.s.o. I am quite sure I don't use them correct).


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Andrea said...

This is really clever and I love how it looks now!

Saga said...

Thank you. I am a bit pleased with myself for coming up with this idea ;).

cfortin said...

Very creative!

Cindy - EOD

Anonymous said...

Love it!