Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY infinity scarf & beany out of a pullover!

Infinity scarf out of a pullover

Infinity scarf worn as a beany!
Hi friends!
Except my passion for rings and necklaces I also love scarfs in various colors and textures. As I was browsing my closet I found an old knitted blouse and decided to transform it into an infinity scarf and beany. With only one pair of scissors and a few stitches you can make it too! 
So let's start.
Photo 1
You will need :
1) an old knitwear (preferably a pullover)
2) a pair of scissors
3) a sewing machine
Photo 2 
Place your knitted blouse on a straight surface and cut down the sleeves.

Photo 3
Now take the remaining piece (body part) and let's go sewing it. 

Photo 4-5
Adjust your sewing machine to zig zag mode and sew 1cm the hem. 
That's it! You have all-in-one scarf & beany ready to wear and you have re-used your old knitwear, too! 
Enjoy it!


Refashion said...

Thank you for the easy-to follow tutorial and pictures. The infinity scarf and beany hat look great.

Debbie EOD

Andrea said...

I'd love to see how you wrap it to wear as a beanie! I'm gonna practice and see if I can work it out :) Great job!

cfortin said...

Very nice. Love those quite projects that turn out so well.

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

Jennifer Elliott said...

The infinity scarf and beanie are super cute and can be worn with so many things. I love it!

Tailor Spy said...

Thank you girls!