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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dress for a 1920s New Year's Eve wedding

For New Year's Eve, I was invited to a 1920s-themed wedding. Knowing this a few months in advance, I started trolling thrift stores for something to refashion when they had their Halloween costumes out. I didn't find the perfect, beaded, dropped-waist flapper dress I was looking for, but I did find this for a few bucks.

It was way too tight and young-looking for me in this state, but the trim was perfect. I dug through my stash to find a dress that would work better for my body and age. I found this dress that my sister had passed on to me a while back. It fit well, but was pretty plain.

I carefully removed the whole fringe-and-sequin layer from the first dress, then cut off a strip that was two rows tall. I carefully sewed it to the hem of the second dress, making it about 3/4 of the way around. Using a section from a second strip of trim, I covered the other 1/4 of the hem with trim, overlapping it slightly at the edges to avoid gaps. I thought I might do more to the dress, but I ended up keeping it simple.
Since it was way too cold in Illinois for a strapless dress on New Year's Eve, I styled it with a slightly-glittery, puffed-sleeve t-shirt underneath. Pictures from the event didn't turn out well, but it looked something like this.

The fringe/sequin layer was fun when I was dancing. Some Art Deco rhinestone earrings and a necklace completed the look.

Happy New Year!



Agy Lee said...

I love the additional embellishments! you must have had fun at the party :-)

Jennifer Elliott said...

Love the combination of the two dresses.