Monday, January 27, 2014

Failed Tee Refashion Rescue.

This started off as a tee shirt refashion which went horribly wrong. Lack of planning meant that the lace insert was off centre and puckered. Not good enough to wear in public, I was reduced to wearing it at home. I liked the braiding at the neckline so I thought that I would use that to be the inspiration for an infinity scarf. The braiding became a cool feature and now I am proud to wear my failed tee refashion rescue out in public in it's new guise as an infinity scarf.

So I created this
From this

By doing all of this. 
Feel free to see more of this @ Penelope Hanger Refashions


Kazza said...

Thanks for sharing how this item was created. from Karen at facebook group Bowerbirds Journal.

Refashion said...

I love the use of plaiting in this refashion :)

Debbie EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the braided button embellishment. A quick and easy project with beautiful results.