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Monday, January 20, 2014

Khaki Moto Jacket

I bought this casual cotton blazer a few years back when I got my first real grown-up job and wanted to dress semi-professionally. A couple years ago, I used the button relocation trick on this jacket to snug it up a bit, but clearly, after further weight loss, it's gonna take something a little more powerful this go 'round.

Khaki Moto JacketKhaki Moto Jacket

I removed the button and pockets. I carefully picked out the dart seam on one side and the front edge seam on the other. Then I inserted a zipper on each side and resewed the seams. It was a little more involved than that makes it sound, but yeah, not terribly difficult.

I decided not to do anything permanent with the slightly-too-short sleeves just yet. I like the casualness of the cuffed sleeve. I think it complements the style and fabric of my new jacket.

Khaki Moto JacketKhaki Moto Jacket

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Khaki Moto Jacket - Before & After


Andrea said...

Seriously cool! I love incorporating zippers and this is the perfect project for it! I love this and now need to do something just like it ;)

Geminae said...

I love this idea! Way cool, thanks for sharing it.

Refashion said...

Great idea. I like how the zip completely changes the look of this jacket

Debbie EOD

ETHEEA said...

Wow! I was looking for someone who had made such a refashion (button-up jacket to zipper). I love it! You are a genius ! :D

Gingham Ginger said...

Super cool refashion. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the side zippers and buttons on sweatshirts and sweaters that I've been seeing these days. Great refashion!