Friday, January 03, 2014

New Year, New (Ugly) Dress

Happy New Year everybody! It's been a while since I've had a new project to share at Refashion Co-op because I got caught up in Christmas projects. But now the holidays are over, and that means it's back to refashioning and other not Christmasy things. (Except for that one project that hates me. Forget that guy.)

I wanted to ring in the new year right, so that meant finding a sufficiently ugly dress to do it. Luckily, I've collected quite a few dresses that fit the criteria, including this appalling paisley piece that looks like a cross between retro office wear and a grandma's nightgown.

before 2I'm sexy and I know it.

The dress was too big all over, so I wound up having to take it in in the back as well as on the sides. I also chopped about six inches off the ends of the sleeves, took them in to fit my arms, and hemmed the new edge.

2bAdjusting the sleeves.

My "new" dress is still a bit retro, but I like it. I even braved the zero degree weather and wore it to work yesterday. (At no time while I was putting on the second pair of tights did I think "Maybe I should wear pants today instead." I was that committed. Or crazy.)

afterPictured: Not something you should wear to shovel yourself out of the snow.

There are more photos from this project on my blog, so feel free to check them out here.

I have a lot of new (and old, unfinished) projects lined up for 2014, so it should be a fun year. I can't wait to see what everyone else has planned too.

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Dk's Wife said...

You done a bang up job refashioning the dress.

Andrea said...

Ok, now I'm a total sucker for this kind of dress! They produce some of the best "afters" ever! Love how this turned out for you :) Great styling, too!

Andrea EOD

Cassandra Louise said...

I love that fabric! What a great job; it looks fantastic and you look fantastic in it! :-D

emma said...

Fantastic job, what a great dress

J said...

I love the print! Looks great

Elizabeth Hill said...

Thanks everyone!

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Erica Moody said...

Yes! It's still a retro dress! It came out perfect. By the way, I love how you did the first photo, where it's surrounded by the dress's pattern. How do you feel about people borrowing your ideas?

Elizabeth Hill said...

Borrow away Erica! All I ask is that you link back to my blog if you use my actual photos. Have fun!

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Sharon Newth said...

Oh I totally love it! Well done.

Jennifer Elliott said...

The dress looks fantastic with the belt, tights, and boots! Great outfit!