Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Lady Floral: a Pirate-Shirt Refashion

Hello everyone! I have been so busy with a move to the DC area that I have barely had time to whip out the old sewing machine. That's changing though, as we are getting all settled in here... and we LOVE it!

I found this shirt at the Salvation Army in Georgia a while back. I thought it would actually look good on and of course I did not try it on... but when I did, oh man. It was BAD. What was I thinking? It looked like a pirate shirt, but with flowers! It was just terrible. I knew that parts of it were good, though. So I decided that I would do a little deconstructing.

I took the sleeves off and used the sleeve material to make a tie-around belt! That gives the shirt a little bit more of a shape, instead of looking overly billowy.

I apologize for the lack of before picture... my husband was still deployed when I made this! You can see the entire post here on my blog, Em-provising. :)

Before (on my dress form):

After (on my dress form): 

After, on me! 


Andrea said...

Way to see the potential! I really love the after on this, so flattering, and modern :) Great job! (I'm a particular fan of funky prints and this floral is AWESOME!)

Quick note: in future posts only use your name Em-provising to label your posts. We are changing our system in how we label things a bit, and the # labels are only for one of our editor's use. Thanks so much!

Andrea EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

Great job! I love the pattern of the shirt and way you transformed it.

Elizabeth Hill said...

Old lady clothes make the best refashions!

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Cassandra Louise said...

I love what you've done here! Inspires me to look through my own wardrobe. :-)

Clare said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Love this refashion! Very pretty on you. Great job!